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100% hand wow power leveling100% Hand PowerLeveling

All Level Up work is 100% hand made by our veteran players with no bots involved.

Account safe guaranteeAccount safe guarantee

Wowgold-leveling guarantee during the leveling processing we will not do anything to injure your account. Your account can be 100% safe.

Highest efficiency workHighest efficiency work

Wowgold-leveling promise all work will be operated at the highest efficiency so that the powerleveling of your character can be done in the timeframe you've specified.

24/7 Customer support24/7 Customer support

Wowgold-leveling offer 24*7 no break livehelp service. You can contact us to solve your problem through livechat, phone calls and emails.

The most competitive priceThe most competitive price

Wowgold-leveling provide the most competitive price of leveling service among all hand leveling websites.

Money Refund GuaranteeMoney Refund Guarantee

In case of we do not fulfill orders on time or you no longer wants the order,a refund will be granted

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Wowgold-leveling take full responsibility for your character in game so you can enjoy a risk-free leveling from us.


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World of Warcraft PowerLeveling

Wowgold-leveling provides the quickest and the most secure leveling services while maintaining an emphasis on quality. We strictly obey the internal policies to safeguard customers' game accounts. With no bots or micro involved, your character will be leveled by our veteran players 24*7 no break, operating at the highest efficiency so that your character will reach the desired level in the timeframe you've specified.
We will level your other account for free if your account get Banned during the powerleveling .
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WOW US Justice Points PowerLeveling

No Bot ,100% No Banned ,100% Handwork ,100% Safe,We will level your other account for free if your account get Banned during the powerleveling . NOW, Choose Us.

How can i give you more justice points?

When we got 4000 justice points,we can help you buy equipment(you need tell me full equipment name) or we will contact you ,you need login game and spend some justice points,then we continue power leveling justice points until finished.
Name Price Days Area  
Full Heirloom Gears

(Chest, Shoulder, Two hands weapon and Trinket)
$129.99 3
Tier 15 Full Raid Set (Level 522) + Level 522 weapon

1. Tier 15 Full Set(Chest,Hands,Head,Legs,Shoulder) + Level 522 weapon
2. You will get all loots u can use from the raid
3. Your character needs to be lvl 90
$199.99 5
1000 Justice Points + 300 Justice Points $9.99 0.5
1500 Justice Points + 400 Justice Points $15.99 0.5
2000 Justice Points + 500 Justice Points $19.99 0.5
3000 Justice Points + 600 Justice Points $29.99 0.5
4000 Justice Points + 800 Justice Points $39.99 1
5000 Justice Points + 1000 Justice Points $49.99 1
6000 Justice Points + 1200 Justice Points $59.99 1
8000 Justice Points + 1400 Justice Points $79.99 1.5
10000 Justice Points + 2000 Justice Points $89.99 1.5
15000 Justice Points + 3000 Justice Points $139.99 2
20000 Justice Points + 4000 Justice Points $179.99 3
30000 Justice Points + 5000 Justice Points $269.99 4

WOW US Valor Points PowerLeveling

Name Price Days Area  
500 Valor Points + 100 Valor Points $14.99 0.5
800 Valor Points + 200 Valor Points $26.99 1
1000 Valor Points + 300 Valor Points $34.99 1.5
1500 Valor Points + 400 Valor Points $48.99 2
2000 Valor Points + 500 Valor Points $69.99 2.5
3000 Valor Points + 600 Valor Points $99.99 3
4000 Valor Points + 800 Valor Points $129.99 4
5000 Valor Points + 1000 Valor Points $169.99 5
6000 Valor Points + 1200 Valor Points $199.99 6
8000 Valor Points + 1400 Valor Points $269.99 8
10000 Valor Points + 2000 Valor Points $329.99 10

World of Warcraft Justice Points Power Leveling

Welcome to World of Warcraft, Justice and Valor in Cataclysm point drop rates revealed, do you wanna know the details, ok, spend some time looking below.

Blizzard recently announced the justice and valor point amounts for all types of raid and heroic content for Cataclysm. Justice and valor points are replacing the current badge/emblem system, allowing players to purchase items and gear for points. When a new tier of raid content is launched, valor points become justice points, reducing the emblem clutter that had been so rampant in Wrath of the Lich King. Hit the jump for the official blue post.

Ulvareth -- Justice Point Drop Quantities
Although we've revealed some details of the conversion process (, many of you have asked how many Justice and Valor Points bosses and daily dungeons will actually award. This list is incomplete, and the values may still change, but it covers the majority of the content we've been asked about.

Lich King Heroic dungeon boss -- 16 Justice Points
Lich King daily normal dungeon -- 12 Justice Points
Lich King daily Heroic dungeon -- 23 Justice Points
Lich King raid boss -- 23 Justice Points

Cataclysm Heroic dungeon boss -- 75 Justice Points
Cataclysm daily normal dungeon -- 75 Justice Points
Cataclysm daily Heroic dungeon -- 75 Valor Points
Cataclysm 10-player raid boss -- 75 Valor Points
Cataclysm 25-player raid boss -- 105 Valor Points

It's important to note that once you outgrow content, by leveling past it by a predetermined amount, you'll no longer gain points. The 'outgrown' level for end-game Wrath of the Lich King content is likely to be level 81. Once you level beyond Lich King content you'll still be able to enter the dungeons, kill bosses, and see their drops, but they will not award you with points. This same principle applies to all content that provides Justice Points, including content from The Burning Crusade.

Blizzard has said in the past that 25-man content would reward players with a faster avenue to hitting their point caps for the week, and now we see how. An extra 30 valor points are awarded per raid boss in 25-man. For those of you sticking to 10-man content, it most likely means that you'll be doing your daily heroic in Cataclysm more often than a strict 25-man raider.

That's all, wanna know more about Cataclysm, stay here. Place an order to buy wow cataclysm here, you will get the best service from us, so don't hesitate.

World of warcraft Power Leveling

Looking to buy wow power leveling、cheap wow power leveling、wow power leveling? We strives to offer the fastest and most reliable service of world of warcraft power leveling、cheap wow power leveling、wow power leveling on the web for all your gaming needs in world of warcraft game. Our world class customer service will make sure you are more than satisfied with every wow power leveling you purchased. Feel free to contact our 24 hour live support with any questions about world of warcraft power leveling、cheap wow power leveling,wow power leveling you may have.

Wow Power leveling:Our company is strongly against the sale of illegal products. All orders about wow power leveling、cheap wow power leveling、wow power leveling have NOT been illegally macro'd, hacked, or exploited. We use real players ( WORLD OF WARCRAFT Power Leveler ) to level your character, ALL HAND MADE. Your account will be safe with us. If you have any extremely valuable items, please transfer them to another account We will begin your power leveling order within 3 hours of receiving payment We strongly discourage logging into the account while the leveling is taking place. If a gaming company notices 2 IP address on the same account, they may suspend the account. As such, we would be unable to compensate or assist you with account retrievals After wow power leveling has finished it is your responsibility to change your password. We are not liable for any activities regarding the account after world of warcraft power leveling has been completed.

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